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Twenty-year-old artist WYN WOLF’s story starts in Montreal; Plateau, Pointe-Claire, Petite Italie, you name it, she’s probably lived in every neighborhood as she likes to say.

She grew up with a children’s entertainer and a father who instilled in her a love for art and music. This love carried on in school musicals and Shakespeare plays. As she grew older, she kept telling stories by pursuing theatre and film alongside her musical passion.

She listened to a lot of rock and blues as a kid because pop stations weren’t allowed in the car. Eventually, she rebelled, became a total Swiftie, and started to f*ing love pop music.“I started writing in elementary school. It wasn’t something I chose to do or even desired to do, the melodies and lyrics would come to and through me in the weirdest way. I remember almost feeling powerless to the stories. These were people, these were places, but they were not mine. They were choosing me.

In high school, as I was becoming a whole person, the stories started being real and mine. The boys weren't imaginary, the girls were me, and the world was my neighborhood.” She ended up working with Pilou and Steven Doman at Studio Le Nid, who helped her create the sound she envisioned; their melody and music came together in what she calls a “powerful nursery rhyme”.

Her debut single, BOYS ON MAGAZINES, is a glimpse into her universe.

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